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SPECIAL is a program that is specifically designed with the aim to reward Mobinil customers for their loyalty. SPECIAL grants you points against your line usage, where you can accumulate points by making chargeable calls, sending SMS's, using data services, subscribing to and using value added services.

You can exchange the collected points for a gift of your choice from a wide selection of valuable gifts offered by Mobinil such as free Mobinil minutes, SMS's, or you can choose from SPECIAL gifts catalogue, also you can exchange your points for discount vouchers which can be used at any of Mobinil shops or SPECIAL program partners.

Exchange your points for many valuable gifts

Choose one of the simple ways below to exchange your points:

You can exchange your points for any gift of choice from the below displayed catalogue.


2 3 3 1 1 3 4 12 12 12 12 11 12 12 12 12 11 1

For free minutes and SMS or vouchers to be used at SPECIAL partners, just call 900 or #123# free of charge to choose your gift. You can also call your customer service number to get your gift.

To use your points at any of Mobinil shops; just visit the shop nearest to you, choose from a variety of devices and accessories offered, finally exchange your points with a discount voucher to be used for full or partial payment for your chosen products!

Register in SPECIAL: Simply create an account on Mobinil.com to get automatically enrolled!

All Star, Mobinil Business and postpaid data customers will automatically join SPECIAL program.

ALO customers who meet the eligibility criteria can register to SPECIAL program through any of the following channels:

ALO lines eligibility criteria

If your line does not meet the above conditions and you wish to enroll in SPECIAL call 400, migrate to Bort2any All Day-long or All Day or any of Kalamangy or Netawy plans while maintaining a minimum monthly usage of EGP 10. Please note that the line will be eligible to join the program after one month from meeting the conditions.

Collect Points

You will get 100 points once you register to SPECIALas a welcome gift from Mobinil.

You will also start to collect points for every Egyptian Pound you spend using any of Mobinil paid services. Points are collected as per the figure below:

Collect Points

With Mobinil you are now SPECIAL

Only with Mobinil, now you can get free minutes or SMS every month… from the very first month and without any extra cost!

With SPECIAL rewards program, you will be receiving points automatically every month. You can exchange your points with your choice of free minutes, SMS and other valuable gifts.

Choose the gift that best suits your mobile usage:

Points Free Minutes(Valid for 2 Days) Free SMS(Valid for 7 Days)
30 30
60 60 60
90 90 90

Because we value the time we spend together, the longer you use Mobinil the more gifts you will get.

Time since joining SPECIAL 1-12 months 13-24 months 25+ months
Monthly Points 30 points 45 points 60 points

Stay tuned for more gifts soon!

Terms & Conditions:

  • This offer is available for all customers on ALO Bort2any All Day, Bort2any All Day Long, Kalamngy and Netawy.
  • Star and Mobinil Business customers are automatically enrolled to SPECIAL.
  • To get the points customers must have a monthly spending of EGP 10 or more.
  • You will start collecting points on the next month from joining the program.
  • Each customer may get one gift per month.
  • The free minutes and SMS may be used on Mobinil network.
  • To get the gifts an ALO line must be active for at least 6 months on Mobinil network.

Exclusively for Mobinil and LINKDSL Customers

You will now collect points on SPECIAL for your LINKDSL bills!

Now, get double the benefit if you are one of our loyal customers subscribed at both Mobinil and LINKDSL If you have a Mobinil line and a LINKDSL subscription you will be awarded points on Mobinil’s loyalty program, SPECIAL, for every Egyptian pound you pay towards your LINKDSL subscription.

How to collect points against your LINKDSL bills

What if I don’t have a LINKDSL subscription?

No problem, just get a new subscription or transfer your current subscription to LINKDSL and register your Mobinil number to start collecting the points.

What if my ALO line is not registered in SPECIAL?

All customers who have both a Mobinil line and a LINKDSL subscription will be automatically registered to SPECIAL to start collecting points.

Check your Available Points

  • Dial (#123#) from your mobile Free of Charge.
  • Call 900 Free of Charge to listen to your points balance.
  • Call your customer service number 110.
  • An automatic monthly SMS is sent with your updated points' balance.

SPECIAL Guidelines and Conditions

  1. Points Collection:

    • Mobinil reserves the right to alter the number of accumulated points in your account, upon issuing reasonable prior notice.
    • ALO - Star /First class customers collect points on line usage not recharge.
    • Points accumulation is based on your usage (excluding taxes).
    • Points' accumulation level is based on the decision of the Contact Person.
    • The points are awarded at a rate determined by Mobinil according to Mobinil’s set criteria.
    • Mobinil reserves the right to change the monetary value of points without any prior notice.
    • Free minutes and services offered in certain promotions do not earn points.
    • Points are valid for two years from accumulation date unless stated otherwise, if the points are not redeemed within the two years, they will expire.
    • There is no ceiling for the number of earned points. You can accumulate as many points as possible.
    • Accumulation of points will stop in case of line suspension.
    • Accumulated points will expire in case of line deactivation.
  2. Redeeming points:

    • Newly enrolled customers can not redeem their points except after 6 months from the date of their enrollment.
    • The gift can only be received by the owner of the line or by a delegated person, who in turn should provide a copy of his/her official ID upon receiving the gift.
    • Accumulated points cannot be redeemed for cash.
    • Exchange of points will not be applied in case of unpaid bills.
    • In case of voucher redemption, if the gift's price exceeds the monetary value of the voucher, customers are free to pay the difference.
    • In case the monetary value of the voucher exceeds the price of the gift, customer cannot refund the difference.
    • All gifts in the catalogue are subject to availability.
    • Mobinil reserves the right to alter or withdraw any of the gift items without prior notice.
    • All gift items will include a warranty certificate from the supplier. In case of any required maintenance during the warranty period please refer directly to the supplier without the need to contact Mobinil.
  3. Program Termination:

    • Mobinil reserves the right to change terms and conditions of the SPECIAL program without prior notice. It may also introduce supplementary rules relating to new program partners or promotions from time to time.
    • Mobinil reserves the right to terminate the SPECIAL program as a whole or in part at any time, upon prior notice.

Hello,How can Mobinil help you today?

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